15 – (The almost made) Dallas Debs (~1983)

In this episode I’ll be talking, briefly, about Dallas Debs, sometimes called Dallas Debutantes, a screenplay written by John Hughes, at some point in 1982. Very little is written about the film, so I uncover what I can


“A raucous comedy about the Dallas debutante scene, where debutante balls are graded on the size of the ice sculptures.” (Aaron Spelling)

Select Crew

  • Lauren Shuler Donner … producer (as Lauren Shuler)
  • Aaron Spelling … executive producer
  • John Hughes … writen by


Episode artwork is adapted from the 1982 paperback edition of The Debutantes by June Flaum Singer (M Evans & Co), illustrator unknown.


Theme music by Bradley Davis (Fresh Snow). Incidental music, by Chris Storrow with sound effects by Orehek, Panzen, and TheShaggyFreak from freesound.org and “Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)” by Michael Lester from http://xeno-canto.org. This episode also includes an excerpt of “I’m Coming Out (Instrumental)” by Chic (1980).

Episode sources can be found here.

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