13 – Mr. Mom: Product Placement (or the Rise and Fall of Robert Kovoloff) (1983)

A look into the product placement in Mr. Mom. For this episode I’m going to do something a little different and talk specifically about one man, Robert Kovoloff. His name doesn’t appear in the credits for Mr Mom, nor does it appear in almost any of the hundreds of films that he was involved with. In fact his IMDB page lists seven films. Robert Kovoloff worked in promotions, or Product placement and Mr. Mom was a movie made at the height of Kolovoff’s success and may have included more successful product placements than any other film under his influence.

Mr. Mom is available from Shout Factory and probably a bunch of other places.

NOTE: This is a revised version of an earlier version. If you’re one of the rare few who listened to the original version, skip ahead to 13:00 to hear the revised material.


From the press release:

“When rising young executive Jack Butler is handed his pink slip at the office, it’s a pass into a strange new world. He swaps his briefcase for his wife Caroline’s apron so that she can bring home the bacon while he is introduced to the joys of motherhood. While Caroline is scoring points at the office, Jack is wiping up after three boisterous kids, wrestling with rampaging appliances, dodging a lusty divorcee and slowly becoming addicted to the torrid melodrama of daytime soaps. To Jack’s chagrin, Caroline has become a bigger success than he could have anticipated…while Jack mans the home front as Mr. Mom.

Products placed in the film

  • Dominos Pizza, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, 7-UP, C&C Cola company, Tide, Kotex, Pepsi, Mcculloch Power Tools, Van Camp’s Chili with Beans, Terminix, Stroh’s, Miller Lite, Wheaties, Ovaltine, Tender Vittles, Yoplait, Sun Pure frozen entrée, Ban Roll On, Hefty Bags, Mattel, Jack Daniels, Toshiba, Gerber, Quaker Oats, Bacardi, Ritz Crackers, Levis, Sears, Mr. Coffee … and a barely recognizable pack of Marlboros.


Episode artwork is adapted from the movie poster artwork, 1983.

Robert Kovoloff in Across the Board, 1984.
Associated Film Promotions agreement with Sylvester Stallone



Theme music by Bradley Davis (Fresh Snow). Incidental music, by 5MP, with sound effects by Bennstir, Boiling Sand, Juanicotolengo, Kwahmah, Panzen, TheShaggyFreak, and Raymonster from freesound.org.

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