08 – The Home Alone Franchise, Mockbusters, and Parodies

A bonus episode! A viewing guide to the Home Alone franchise and it’s many copycat mockbusters and parodies.

Links after the jump. (There are some spoilers in the podcast episode)

The Run Down

This episode reviews every film in the Home Alone franchise and includes knock-offs and parodies. Here’s the full list under discussion along with a personal rating.





This video was discovered shortly after this podcast episode’s release. Too good not to include. Mashes up Home Alone with Die Hard, Gremlins, and others. It’s incredible. (Support amdsfilms via Paypal:https://www.paypal.me/amdsfilms)




Episode artwork is adapted from the original poster artwork for Skyfall and Home Alone.

The maps:

Home Alone – “Battle Plan”


Home Alone 2 – “Operation Ho Ho Ho”


Home Alone 3 – “Jimmy Allcots House”??


And here’s some of the artwork from the parodies…

Bone Alone DVD artwork
Bone Alone DVD artwork
Harri Puttar artwork
Harri Puttar artwork
Ho’ Alone found artwork



Theme music by Bradley Davis (Fresh Snow) with sound effects by robinhood76 from freesound.org.

Episode sources can be found here.


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