07 – Joy of Sex (Part Three 1984)

The final part in Pretty in Podcast’s sub-series inspired by The Joy of Sex. This instalment deals with the 1984 release, The Joy of Sex, written by Kathleen Rowell and JJ Salter, directed by Martha Coolidge, and starring Michelle Meyrink, Colleen Camp, Ernie Hudson, and Christopher Lloyd.

The Joy of Sex is available to stream via Amazon Prime and ePix. (There are no spoilers in the podcast episode)


Teenager Leslie Hindenberg, mistakenly believing she has just weeks to live, decides she will lose her virginity before she dies. Meanwhile, hormone-crazed Alan Holt pursues some sex for himself, with predictable results. (from IMDB)

Select Cast

  • Cameron Dye … Alan Holt.
  • Michelle Meyrink … Leslie Hindenberg
  • Colleen Camp … Liz Sampson
  • Ernie Hudson … Mr. Porter
  • Lisa Langlois … Melanie
  • Christopher Lloyd … Coach Hindenberg

The Soundtrack


There was no official soundtrack release for the Joy of Sex. The sparse score was written and performed by Bishop Holiday, Scott Lipsker and Harold Payne. A 12″ was released to promote the film, featuring “Experience” by Roach, backed with “More Experience (Extended Dance Version),” an extended mix of the film’s theme. If you want to build your own soundtrack, here’s the only songs on the soundtrack that have seen release. (Though several uncredited Holiday, Lipsker and Payne songs including “I’m a Hot Blooded Man” would reappear in other films including Summer Rental, The Whoopee Boys, and That Was Then… This Is Now)


Theme music by Bradley Davis (Fresh Snow). The incidental music is mostly by Chris Storrow who donated three original pieces and “Sangria” by his previous band Bossanova.


Artwork is adapted from the original poster artwork. Background includes a photo by texturejunky.com. The image below is a pin-up of actress Colleen Camp, who has appeared in Valley Girl, Clue, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, American Hustle, and countless others. (included merely to drive people to the page.)

JOY OF SEX, Cameron Dye, 1984, (c)Paramount


olleen camp Ridgid Tools Calendar 1979
Colleen Camp, from Rigid Tools Calendar, circa 1979.


Lisa Langlois interview
Lisa Langlois interviewed by Vernon Scott. Arizona Republic, reprinted Sep 1, 1983


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With sound effects by MasterSoundEffects, Xnxmx, and BoilingSand, Facemusic, Iantm, Panzen, from freesound.org.

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