BONUS: Count Basie and The Count (1967)

In the fourth episode of Pretty in Podcast, I break away from my John Hughes’ series to talk about the little known “Dot Sessions,” the lost recordings of Count Basie and Jerry Nelson (The Count from Sesame Street) from 1967, recorded at the same time as Count Basie’s Board of Directors with The Mills Brothers. Only a single copy of a 45 is known to exist. This is the story of how those recordings came to be.


Theme music by Bradley Davis (Fresh Snow). Additional voice by Gillian Young.



Jerry Nelson and Count Basie in the studio, date and photographer unknown.


Dot Records promo label (DS 16991).

Frank+Sinatra++Count+Basie-copyPossible album artwork, artist unknown. (Likely fan artwork.)


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For more information on this recording, see the entry at The Harlem Jazz Museum.

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