03 – National Lampoon’s Jaws 3, People 0 (1979)

In the third episode of Pretty in Podcast, I talk about John Hughes’ first script National Lampoon’s Jaws 3, People 0 (written with Tod Carroll) and clear up a lot of the myths that surround the production. Jaws 3, People 0 would have been a Joe Dante film featuring Stephen Furst, Bo Derek and Rodger Bumpass, with an appearance by Sid Sheinberg.

Special Guest stars: Gillian Young as Marilyn Sellers, and Sarah from Dress Code Cracker: The Podcast as Lurkey!


Theme music by Bradley Davis (Fresh Snow) and incidental music, “Signs of Magic,” “Love Theme from New Zero Seasons,” and “Upper Partials (Excite The)” by John Lindaman (Teen-Beat RecordsBandcamp).


Early news article announcing Jaws 3 from Beaver County Times, Apr 12, 1979.


Jaws 3, People 0 Screenplay, second revised final draft, dated August 28, 1979. Budget copy. Available from themoviewizard. (Please buy it for me.)

Jaws promo artwork, unknown.


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With sound effects by, Bennstir, Kijjaz, Lezaarth, Magedu, Panzen, and Raymonster from freesound.org.

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